geocities help?

i'm new to this community, and i'm not sure if anyone can help me, but i have iframes on geocities and i am having SUCH a problem targeting my pages. heres a link www.geocities.com/veronicasantoot my pages pop up in different windows, the whole window or in there frame. and i've tryed other codes but it won't work. someone said something about naming my iframes and i tryed...but idk just someone with a geocities iframe site PLEASEEEEE help me?? thanks SO much i love u! lol
who even helps me...veronica rose is forever greatful!
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Hi. Sorry to disturb you but it seems there's no other way... or how do they do that? I've just created vbulletin community and would like to gather people who are interested in this forum engine to one heap. If you like the idea, please join us.

Sorry once more.

load time

hi again :)
any suggestions on how to get this page to load quicker other than saving the thumbnails at a much lower quality? Haven't done that yet but I'm thinking it may still load slow even after i do and lowering the quality on the background image anymore than i already have makes it pointless to even use... i'm still stuck on getting the pic to change within the slideshow window when you rollover a thumbnail... also loading the thumbnails as an array isn't working for me either, i know its just because i just starting using javascript and i don't understand it fully yet... this is taking me forever but i'm learning a lot.


manual slideshow with thumbnails

what i want to do with this page: www.rachelferro.com/edge/pawtucket/comp1/joe_skramstad1.htm
is keep the manual slideshow the way that it is but i want to place thumbnails of each numbered pic on both sides of the main pic window so that the user can go to a specific pic if they want to instead of having to scroll through all of them. in order to save some time, before trying a million different things and getting discouraged i figured i'd post it up here and hope someone will take a look at the code and tell me a super easy way to do it :) :) :)

Guestbooks and Tagboards

Anybody know where I can get a free, yet good quality, guestbook for my site? I also would like to know where to get a tagboard. If anybody knows, please comment, or e-mail me at aly@pink-wink.com. Thank you SO much! :)

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constructive criticism

hi, neither of these concepts are fully developed, these are just a couple of original compositions that I need some feedback on. If anyone could let me know how the pages are loading and what needs what etc., I'd greatly appreciate it. I know that not all the links work, and depending on your monitor size there may be some cut off at the bottom or just extra space, etc., those are things I can fix anytime, right now I'm just looking for opinions on design and functionality.



image album

hi, i have a javascript question.
i can't get the code right for this javascript. i want the images to scroll as the "last" or "next" buttons are clicked. I also want to be able to click on the images themselves to pull up a new window with the image enlarged.
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Does anyone know of good beginner Dreamweaver tutorials? As of right now it destroys me. I can code a whole page faster than doing anything in the program.

Hopeful thanks!

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Hey everyone! The name's Aly. :) Alrighty.. Well, I need some help with my site layout. What I want to do is put a textbox on top of the image and be able to align it, but I don't know how to do that. Plus, I have some image mapping going on, which I've figured out, but the textbox I just can't get. If anyone can help me, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you SO much!

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