July 14th, 2005

newhair 5-4-07

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Hello all,
I moderate the community, cutegayboys, and about two months ago I purchased a paid account for the community in hopes of utilizing a custom style layout. The layout was coded by somebody else and is a limited use layout downloaded from the providers website. everything is good except for the layout was coded for a singular use journal, not a community. My dilemma is when my community members post their user names and user icons don't show up with their post. I've gone over the code a million times and looked up everything I could pertaining to my situation. If anybody could help me by taking a look at the code and hopefully showing me where I've gone wrong. My goal is to have it so when the members post it'll show up just like it does in a regular community, with the user icon and username showing for each member post.

Please help.

Take a look at the community and see what I mean.

The Code
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