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under every scar, theres a battle I've lost

Hello everyone :)

I have a couple of questions about guest-book scripts and hosting.

I have a few short stories on my web-site (each on a separate page) and I am aiming to have a little guest book feature that logs a comment and possibly also the date on the bottom of each one.

I looked up some references and started to develop a script but the further I went the more I started to hear about all sorts of complications to do with updates to the script that prevent viruses being uploaded and complications to do with deleting abusive/spam comments. This made me start to consider the possibility of using a pre made guest book script that would be updated automatically by people who know what they're doing, basically.

When it comes to the MqSql side, I did have a forum at one point, that a friend set up for me, that however disappeared as if by magic and though I've never had the time to pursue the matter (wasn't worth it) I think it was probably an accident on the part of my hosting company which makes me worry that the comments feature could go the same way if I set one up.

Overall I have decided I would be best to use a ready made script and to host it independently from my web-site. Is this a terrible idea for reasons I have not considered?

Provided it is an OK idea I was hoping that people could recommend somewhere I could fix myself up with these two things. I would rather have a free service but would be willing to pay if I had to (I would rather pay for a stable service than have a free one that keeps changing policies etc), preferably a pay pal option on that as well.

Also while I am here I would be very receptive to any comments people have on my web-site in general.

Before I post the link I will say that I know it's not perfect and as you can see I've yet to take the Christmas message down as time is such a problem right now. That said though I am going to try and get around to doing a mammoth update and face life of it soon and so any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

Fluffy Like Razors

Thanks xXx
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