Armed and Fabulous (silksteel) wrote in site_dev,
Armed and Fabulous


Hi there,

I'm not technically a web developer as such, but I have a pretty urgent question to ask anyone who uses or knows anything about Invision Power Boards.

My friends and I had a board which the maintainer didn't tell us was in danger of being deleted any day since it was from way back when IPB was still a free service.

Then, when we tried to access it a couple of days ago, it didn't exist. Since we had almost three years' worth of fiction on there, we're really starting to panic that it's gone forever, and though we've emailed invision ourselves, they haven't gotten back to us yet.

Does anyone know what happens to data when an IPB expires and is deleted? Is it possible we'll ever get our work back?


L xx
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Who is the maintainer?

Most professional hosts keep backups.

The data for a forum is mostly kept in a database, usually a SQL database. You'll need the database backup for your actual posts.

There should also be a backup of the board, but that is more the framework of the site.

However, if the account is no longer valid and isn't paid up anymore, I'm not sure the host will just hand over the backups for free.