j1m (coolerbythelake) wrote in site_dev,

403 forbidden blues

Hi All, I hope that this isn't off topic for this group. I searched, and have been unable to find an appropriate group.

I'm getting a 403 forbidden error on my website, http://www.j1m.net, and I'm not sure why. Permissions are set ok (I've tried a variety of them, from 655 to 777), I have an index.html file in place . . .

The site is hosted by 1and1.com, and it's on a linux/apache setup. I don't have access to the error logs. The only thing that I can think of is that (1) I deleted two unused subdomains last night, and (2) I unsuccessfully tried to install wordpress in a /subrosa folder last night.

I've heard of having to wait 24-48 hours after making domain-related changes, but everything comes up ok when I do a DNS lookup. Any ideas?
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Hi, welcome :)

The first thing I'd do would be contact 1and1 and let them know what's going on. They have support to take care of stuff like this. Put in a ticket or something. If you are running the CGI version of php, you need the Apache directive Options ExecCGI which 1and1 should have access to. Options +FollowSymLinks

Then, I'd probably fire up ftp and make sure wordpress didn't leave behind any nasty .htaccess files. If you try to use a .htaccess override on an Apache server that has these overrides disabled you will get a 403 Forbidden error.

Good luck!
Something else I just thought of. Try opening (or creating if you don't have one) an .htaccess and put this in it:

DirectoryIndex index.html

This will force Apache to accept index.html as your default file.
thank you . . . i have tried that, but it did not work. i've tried with and without the .htaccess file, but no luck.

i've deleted the folder that i used to create the wordpress installation. would it help to post the contents of my root folder? (there's not much in there.)
sure why not
here's what I get when I ssh and use ls -a

ls -a
. .. cycling favicon.ico g2data gallery2 index.html logs xbel.xml


the xbel.xml is just from a firefox extension that synchronizes my bookmarks between computers.
I guess I'm all out of ideas, everything looks natural there. I would definately contact 1&1.
i'm giving their tech support line a call . . . they are playing hotel california as i wait on hold. :) thanks again for your help. i will post a fix if i get one.
:-) They fixed it. I told the guy my problem, and we went through a couple of things. He put me on hold for a little bit, and then came back, and told me it was working. He said that "The web space just needed a little refreshing" for whatever that means.

He then asked where I got this number . . . I got it off of the website, but apparently my web package doesn't include phone support. :-) I'm glad he helped me out, though.

And THANK YOU for your offers of help. :)
I guess sometimes all you need is a 'little refreshing', lol. (Ala fixing 1&1 screw-ups).

Glad you got it taken care of!
It seems your problem was fixed. However subdomains are controlled via the .htaccess file. That also controls permissions to access folders, display pages, etc. If the .htaccess file gets hosed in any way, you're going to 403 errors.

I'm pretty sure that when the subdomains were deleted, somehow the .htaccess file got borked.