leannedickenson (leannedickenson) wrote in site_dev,


I have my website files, i h ave my domain name. But once i get a host im stuck!

I dont have a clue how to upload my files!?

I dont expect you to sit here and talk me through it unless you really want to but does anyone know any good tutorials or sites i can check out for more help!? :(

Thanks in advance.

Lea x
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If you can give me a print screen of your file manager, I'll be willing to walk you through it.

haha ok im going sound dumb now... file manager...!?

are you sure y ou wanna do this!? lol

no im not that bad if im talked through i promise!

Lea x
Okay, we'll go one at a time. Where do you go to work on your site? The control panel, right? Well, wherever/whatever it is you use to work on your site, print screen me that.

Download a simple FTP program like Filezilla - http://filezilla.sf.net

Your host should get you FTP info, such as the FTP host, your login and password.

After that, you pretty much just drag-and-drop your files onto your website.