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I created a website for my mom's art about a year ago (name withheld so I won't be accused of spamming, which has been known to happen). I'd like to increase traffic to the site, but I think I've done darn near everything I can. There's enough metatags to float the Titanic & we're affiliated with a bunch of other websites, but we're still not getting a lot of traffic to the site. What else can I do?
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SEO! Or, search engine optimization. I get paid to do this.

Metatags are out of date, there are lots of new techniques to use but search engine optimization is the best thing you can do for your website. Make H1 and H2 tags full of keywords and insure the website has good content and you will be listed on search engines quickly, that's one big way to get traffic.

Affiliates also help you get ranked higher in search engines (google). Install the google toolbar, find websites that are relevent in content that have high pagerank and get them to link to your page on theirs. Having lots of affiliates that have no pagerank/viewers won't do you any good.

Advertising/spamming is another way, you can spam in good taste try that.
what exactly are H1 & H2 tags & how do I use them? I've been using Dreamweaver for designing/coding the page.
h1 and h2 and h3 tags are all css properties. They're like headline-styled text and Google loves them.

This is h1 I would try to put as many keywords in this tag as possible

This is h2

This is h3

You use them just like any other HTML tag



. Try them out and play around with them!
I'm still lost as to where they go in the code & if they'll be "visible" on the regular page.
yeah it's just a css style to put on important text (headlines) check my livejournal, see the titles those are h2, you can style them in your css file to define what they should look like.

here's a thread to read, also. try googling "using h1 h2 and h3 tags for seo" and see what comes up.
ACK! I have to PAY to see that thread? Google here I come LOL
More free web tutorials than you can shake a stick at:


Good stuff
hmm... let's see if I can confuse the issue a little more (lol)

1) I'd like to keep the keywords & phrases invisible on the regular page similar to meta tags. It's a really basic website for her art. So, there's really not a whole lot of "real" text for Googlebot & Yahoobot to grab on to.

2) I'm a complete blonde when it comes to code. I'm lucky to get my layout looking the way I want. So, I have no idea where the H1 tags go.

Ultimately, I'd like to condense the volume of keywords/phrases to keep the relevance up, but I don't know if that would really make any difference.