HelpSmith 3.3 is Available for Download

Divcom Software is pleased to announce the release of HelpSmith 3.3. HelpSmith is a powerful help authoring tool for quick creation of professional help systems (HTML Help, Web Help), Printed Manuals, and PDF documents. The new version includes improved Unicode support, the ability to use Flash and QuickTime animations, better compatibility of Web Help with Google Chrome, and other new features.

HelpSmith constantly receives positive feedback from its users due to its simplicity in use combined with a professional feature set, and comparatively low price. We hope you will also find it useful.

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Web Help Sample

HelpSmith is available as a FREE evaluation copy. The product includes sample help projects which you can use for testing purposes. In addition, we have technical articles on integrating a help system with different development environments and languages (C#, VB.NET, Delphi, etc.).

You can learn more and download HelpSmith 3.3 using the links below:

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Help - Layout Code Problems

Hey, sorry if this is an inappropriate post but I am really in need of some help.  I've been trying to start a Smallville LJ RP, and the important aspects of design are all done and dusted.  Sadly though, the layout code I found and used seems to have two errors I'd like fixing.  I have tried contacting the layout code creator but she did not respond to me so hopefully someone here will be able to help.

Here is the LJ in question -

As you can see in the post titled "BAD TAG SPACING EXAMPLE" the tags field is overlapped by the "leave a comment" link, so you can barely see the latter.  It would be better if the "leave comment" link was situated on a higher, seperate line to the tags field.

The second and only remaining problem is that the "friends" page has an error which causes two problems.  For starters, the posts here do not show up with rounded corners at the bottom left, as they should and do in other pages, and furthermore the corner image is displaced by itself at the bottom of the screen.

If anyone thinks they can help at all, please let me know, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!

- Jaxon
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I'm creating a webpage using Dreamweaver CS3 on a Mac. I entered some text ("enter here") inside of an AP Div tag, and I want to make it into a link. I know that to make an image a link, you draw a hotspot (rectangle, oval and polygonal). However, I just noticed that when I try doing this do a body of text, the hotspot buttons disappear from the toolbar. How do I make bodies of text into a link? Can someone please explain how in a list of steps?

Thank you!

(no subject)

There are several images that I want featured on a page. I do not want them displayed all at once, but I want there to be a single image, alternating to another image after a few seconds. What is this technique called? Is it adding a keyframe? Do I add a layer to a timeline? Is it turning on autoplay?

Thank you in advance!

Broken Div Layout

Hello All~

I recently designed a layout that I wanted to use for my journal project in class.
Unfortunately I'm still kind of new with the whole CSS and DIV stuff so I can't figure out how to get my layout to work...
Could anyone possibly help me with it or point out what I'm doing wrong/missing. It would be greatly appreciated :3


HTML Overrides:

CSS overrides:
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Existing CMS versus custom CMS?


I currently run and maintain a website using the Drupal CMS. I have been noticing that it takes forever to load pages, and I keep having issues with the system not sending e-mails out.

I have been looking for a PHP geek who wouldn't mind volunteering their time to build a custom system or even someone who could explain to me... what is easier / better for the site I want existing CMS system or a custom system.

Just reply if you want more information, or are up to sharing your thoughts on the existing CMS system vs custom system debate. :)

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(no subject)

Hello everyone :)

I have a couple of questions about guest-book scripts and hosting.

I have a few short stories on my web-site (each on a separate page) and I am aiming to have a little guest book feature that logs a comment and possibly also the date on the bottom of each one.

I looked up some references and started to develop a script but the further I went the more I started to hear about all sorts of complications to do with updates to the script that prevent viruses being uploaded and complications to do with deleting abusive/spam comments. This made me start to consider the possibility of using a pre made guest book script that would be updated automatically by people who know what they're doing, basically.

When it comes to the MqSql side, I did have a forum at one point, that a friend set up for me, that however disappeared as if by magic and though I've never had the time to pursue the matter (wasn't worth it) I think it was probably an accident on the part of my hosting company which makes me worry that the comments feature could go the same way if I set one up.

Overall I have decided I would be best to use a ready made script and to host it independently from my web-site. Is this a terrible idea for reasons I have not considered?

Provided it is an OK idea I was hoping that people could recommend somewhere I could fix myself up with these two things. I would rather have a free service but would be willing to pay if I had to (I would rather pay for a stable service than have a free one that keeps changing policies etc), preferably a pay pal option on that as well.

Also while I am here I would be very receptive to any comments people have on my web-site in general.

Before I post the link I will say that I know it's not perfect and as you can see I've yet to take the Christmas message down as time is such a problem right now. That said though I am going to try and get around to doing a mammoth update and face life of it soon and so any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

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Thanks xXx

PHPBB Style Request

Is there someone here, or anyone you know that is decent with graphics?

I'm putting together a new forum. I'm modding the heck out of phpbb trying to make some uber-badass forum software. But I need a good theme/style for the forum. I really like Charcoal3Steel, and that is what I most often use.

However, I'd like to have something a bit more customized and unique. I can slap on a cheesy logo with Photoshop, but perhaps someone with a little more skill can help me out.

Honestly, I'm looking for something more along the lines of this.

Charcoal3Steel is nice, but it is a bit monochromatic. The above linked style has better contrast, and better depth. The page doesn't look as flat.

If you can help me out, I'll be extremely grateful!

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Hi there,

I'm not technically a web developer as such, but I have a pretty urgent question to ask anyone who uses or knows anything about Invision Power Boards.

My friends and I had a board which the maintainer didn't tell us was in danger of being deleted any day since it was from way back when IPB was still a free service.

Then, when we tried to access it a couple of days ago, it didn't exist. Since we had almost three years' worth of fiction on there, we're really starting to panic that it's gone forever, and though we've emailed invision ourselves, they haven't gotten back to us yet.

Does anyone know what happens to data when an IPB expires and is deleted? Is it possible we'll ever get our work back?


L xx